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Stories of Courage

A Hole-in-One Story

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of golf? The “green” has been a source of building relationships, closing business deals, creating friendships and providing fitness and relaxation at the same time. What happens when your ability to play the game you love is impacted by an accident leaving you an incomplete quadriplegic? You don’t give up, you play the game differently—just ask Steve Whitters.

Steve, like his family and friends, was an avid golfer. It was as much a fitness as a social activity. Then, an unfortunate sporting accident left Steve an incomplete quadriplegic and the thought of playing golf again seemed near impossible. Enter ParaSportNB, the Department of Tourism and the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation (SCCR). These groups partnered together to test drive the ParaGolfer.

The ParaGolfer retails for about $30,000 but thanks to the collaboration of these partners and SCCR therapists Laura Oldford, Karen Dickenson, Shane McCallum and Erica de Passille, Steve got to try it out as part of his therapy and take it to his home golf course and play with family and friends.

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