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Stories of Courage

A Bike of Their Own

As fiddleheads and maple syrup herald spring’s arrival, we look forward to venturing back outside. And while there might still be lingering bits of snow in parts of our province, thoughts of bike riding surely abound! Did you know that the Stan Cassidy Foundation Bikes ‘n’ Trikes program makes the joy and freedom of biking possible for people living with neurological challenges?

Here's How We Do It

Our mission is providing properly assessed, custom-designed adapted bikes or trikes to kids and adults—without the prohibitive cost that make this cherished Spring rite of passage out of reach for most families. The Stan Cassidy Foundation is uniquely positioned to purchase, assess and customize bikes so our patients can live happier, healthier, more active lives.  

Many families already coping with substantial ongoing rehabilitation expenses just can’t afford a custom bike (that can cost upwards of $3,000).

At the Stan Cassidy Centre, some adapted bikes and trikes are available for our rehab patients, but the greatest clinical benefit is achieved if they can ride every day. Bikes ‘n’ Trikes makes this happen!

Just ask our Pediatric Team physiotherapist Tracy Ferguson: “Bike riding is life-changing for my patients. There’s no question that riding improves physical and cognitive health, but when a patient first lays eyes on a bike or trike—custom made just for them—they light up!

Or Julia Aucoin, mom of Owen, a young patient: “We’d do anything for Owen, but we sure couldn’t have done this without the Stan Cassidy Foundation. His self-esteem, confidence and mobility have skyrocketed since receiving his very own, made-just-for-him bike. I wish you could his sheer delight as he rides around all by himself. It’s priceless.

Olivia Beckingham says, “My bike rocks! It’s just perfect for me, with a seatbelt, back rest and three wheels. I can keep my balance and ride with my family. I even take it camping! Feeling the wind on my face makes me feel so free. I’m so glad my mom and dad didn’t have to pay for it. I wish every kid like me could have a bike—made just for them.

"Nothing compares to the pleasure of riding a bike."

Bikes ‘n’ Trikes receives no government funding—we rely solely on the generosity of our community to provide deserving patients with wheels of their dreams.  

The Epsilon Y Service Club has proudly supported Bikes ‘n’ Trikes since 2014. Area President Reg Springer says, “It’s like being Santa all year round!”