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Cassidy Clicker

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The Cassidy Clicker is a mouse emulator that improves computer access for people who have difficulty operating a conventional computer mouse due to reduced dexterity. It connects to any Mac or PC computer that has a USB port. The type-A-to-mini-B cable, needed for this connection, comes with the device.

The Cassidy Clicker has inputs for up to six adaptive switches. Four of the inputs are linked to cursor navigation (up, down, left and right). Two of the inputs are linked to the right and left click functions.

The device also has four slider switches that control the following customizable settings: 

  • 2-4 switch – Allows user to choose whether they would like to operate the cursor navigation with 2 or 4 external switches.
  • Acceleration – Sets cursor movement to slowly accelerate, making it easier to correct for overshooting a target on the screen, a common challenge for those with reduced dexterity.
  • Click lock – Allows users with reduced dexterity to do the “drag and drop” function available on a standard computer mouse
  • Click lock beep – Sets the unit to emit a notification beep when a click lock is initiated.

Please note: Adaptive switches are not included.

All adaptive devices are shipped from the Stan Cassidy Foundation with instruction sheets included. However, if you are purchasing the device for personal (rather than professional) use, you may wish to consult with your occupational therapist regarding the device’s appropriateness for your situation.