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Adapted Wiimote

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The Adapted Wiimote is an adapted controller for the Nintendo Wii console, designed to assist people with differing mobility and dexterity play select video games. The Wii’s focus on motion controls makes it ideal for personal leisure, recreational therapy and as a motivational reward while doing other therapies.

The Adapted Wiimote has inputs which allow four of the controller’s buttons (A, B, 1 and 2) to be operated by the adaptive switch of your choice. The controller itself can be affixed to an appendage or the head, depending on the individual need.

Unlike similar devices, the controller’s buttons remain unaffected by the adaption and function normally, allowing the device to be used as a conventional controller when adaptive switches aren’t connected.

The device can be used to play many popular Wii games, such as Wii Sports, Wii Music, Wii Play, Mario Kart, Sega Bass Fishing, and Madden ’09.

Please note: Two AA batteries are required to operate the Adapted Wiimote (not included with the device). Adaptive switches are not included.

All adaptive devices are shipped from the Stan Cassidy Foundation with instruction sheets included. However, if you are purchasing the device for personal (rather than professional) use, you may wish to consult with your occupational therapist regarding the device’s appropriateness for your situation.