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The late Claudette Pellerin maintained contact with the outside world through the use of an electrooculogram (EOG) acquisition device, designed and built by the Stan Cassidy Centre’s Rehabilitation Engineering Services.

Adaptive Devices

The Stan Cassidy Foundation offers unique adaptive devices for people with differing mobility. Each device increases independence for its user. All of these devices are designed at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. 

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The following devices are currently available for purchase.

  • Adapted Wiimote

    Adapted Wiimote

    The Adapted Wiimote is an adapted controller that can be used with the Nintendo Wii console, allowing the user to play select video games for both leisure and recreational therapy.

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  • Cassidy Clicker

    Cassidy Clicker

    The Cassidy Clicker is a mouse emulator that improves computer access for people who have difficulty operating a conventional computer mouse due to reduced dexterity.

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Please note: Switches are not sold by the Stan Cassidy Foundation.

Each device is designed to work with a wide range of adaptive switches, allowing individuals to use the switch which best fits his or her needs and capability. Please note that adaptive switches are not provided with any of the devices and are not available through the Stan Cassidy Foundation. A range of switches are available for purchase from companies such as Bridges Canada.