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Research & Education

Through careful management of endowed funds, we provide the financial resources for highly-specialized training for Stan Cassidy Centre staff and leading-edge research at the Centre.  Your donation to the Stan Cassidy Research & Education Endowment contributes to a legacy of excellence.

Education Grants
World-class education keeps Stan Cassidy clinicians at the forefront of their profession and raises the standard of care throughout the Maritimes.

We are delighted that Occupational Therapist Krista Fraser has received her full certification in Sensory Integration and Praxis Test.  Krista’s hard work, dedication and the generous education grant from the Foundation has benefitted the entire Stan Cassidy Paediatric Team, and most importantly our many clients and their families.
Sarah Lavoie
Stan Cassidy Centre Paediatric Team Manager

I brought back a wealth of knowledge from world-renowned researchers at the conference.  This knowledge was shared with the SCCR team and with family physicians and other audiences across New Brunswick.  Thanks to your generosity New Brunswickers who suffer from mild traumatic brain injury have access to the most up-to-date and evidence-based care.
Dr. Joanne Savoie
Stan Cassidy Centre Neuropsychologist

Research Grants
Research drives healthcare forward.  It makes diagnosis and treatment faster, more accurate and more effective.  It contributes to the pursuit of cures.  Through a partnership with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation, research grant dollars are matched one-to-one.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Foundation for the Circuit Class Study grant.  The initial study participants made significant documented improvements in balance, strength and endurance.  The results were presented at the International Society for Physical Rehabilitation Medicine in Berlin.  The study has since been expanded to include the local Y.  Grants such as this one have helped staff provide high quality care, benefitting a great number of New Brunwickers with disability and their families
Shane McCullum
Stan Cassidy Centre Research Coordinator



Education funding helped Physiotherapist Colin Hood get expert-level training on the world stage and bring his learning back to the Stan Cassidy Centre.  Check out his story.

Our partnership with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation makes our Research Grants go twice as far.