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General Fund

Your donations to this fund are what make it all happen.  The General Fund pays for the Foundation’s operations, is available for opportunities that arise on short notice and is the source of funds for new and emerging programs.

"…just wanted to thank you and the team….Jeffery…just received his package of adaptive tools to assist him with eating and drinking.  They are gratefully appreciated.
Lorri de Jong
Care & Comfort Grant Recipient   Community Residence Director

These expenses are the necessary backbone for everything the Stan Cassidy Foundation does.  Your donation towards the General Fund makes the full range of our charitable programs and projects possible.

From time to time a compelling opportunity arises for the Foundation when timing does not allow for a public fundraising campaign that can bring in all the dollars needed.  In these instances a healthy General Fund can provide all or part of the resources to seize these opportunities.  Stan Cassidy Kiwanis House is an example of this sort of scenario. 

The General Fund also provides the financial resources to explore potential funder and programming opportunities.  It takes time, cash and supplies to investigate and develop these emerging initiatives.  The Care & Comfort Program and the Commercialization Project are both recent hatchlings of the General Fund.

At the Pond-Deshpande Centre we are focused on working with innovators who are dedicated to positive impacts that profoundly affect the lives of others for the better.  For these reasons, partnering with the Stan Cassidy Foundation was a perfect fit for us.
Heather Boyd-Kinnie
Program Coordinator and Funding Program Manager
Pond-Deshpande Centre

The timely outfitting of the interior of the Kiwanis House family hostel would not have been possible without the General Fund.

The Patient Care & Comfort Intiative supplies patients and their families with items that help make their visit more comfortable -- from Play-Doh and playing cards to toothbrushes and clip-on cupholders for wheelchairs.

Our Commercialization Project would never have gotten off the ground without the General Fund.