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In any given year there are one or more equipment projects that you can direct your donation to – to  augment the Stan Cassidy Centre’s plant and equipment or enhance its technology equipment, both consistent with our focus on patient care. 

Major Equipment Grants
Sometimes we invite your donation for a large and multi-year project, like the times donors’ generosity outfit the interior of the entire Centre, built the Stan Cassidy Therapeutic Park or outfit Stan Cassidy Kiwanis House.  Other times, it’s an assortment of more modestly-priced projects like a set of commodes or wheelchair cushions.  This year your support is helping fund the installation of infrastructure that is making wireless internet available for patients and their families.  Next year, we’ll be looking for your support to fund the Centre’s portion of a new wheelchair-access bus to be shared with the Veteran’s Unit.

I started using this park because there’s all sorts of things in there I have to be able to walk on like grass, gravel, rubber, taking the stairs, going down….it really helped me…to walk and that was my goal….Also, I think it helps against depression because sometimes the days that you have the most pain, you get depressed.  Just a drive through the park, it flows right off….I feel a lot better and I move around a lot easier.  There’s nothing about the park that I don’t like
Arie Monster
Stan Cassidy Centre Out-patient

Tech List Grants
These grants are like the major equipment grants, but with more wires, more remote-controls and a pretty big neat-o factor.  We’ve always had a special interest in the role technology can play in helping people heal and adapt to changed circumstances, and we believe that’s never been more important than today. 

In addition to directly raising funds for the Tech List, the Stan Cassidy Foundation partners with the NBTA Credit Union to grow both minds and money.  Our Cassidy’s Kids schools program develops empathy in our young people, exposes them to varied career options and new technology while engaging them to raise funds for our next tech need.

In the past we’ve funded things like a 3D printer, and a full toolkit of hardware and software for Augmentative Communications and Assistive Technology.  This year, we’re raising funds for Game Changers – the first accessible video-gaming service in Canada – and Home Sweet Smart Home – a smart tech demonstration and assessment suite.

The funds were used to allow assessment, trial and ultimately provide prescriptions for devices and software for communication, computer access and environmental control which encompasses all components of our service to New Brunswick residents and individuals from other Atlantic provinces….This has benefitted outpatients and inpatients, adults and children with hands on trials.
Marla Calder
Stan Cassidy Centre Occupational Therapist

Donors to the Dream Again Campaign outfit the entire interior of the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation

Through the generosity of our donors, the Stan Cassidy Foundation made a gift of Canada's first therapeutic park to the Stan Cassidy Centre and its patients

Stan Cassidy Kiwanis House provides accommodation so healing can be a family affair.

One year donors to the Tech List paid for gait analysis equipment for the Paediatric Wing.  Good data in equals better treatment results.