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For the past few years, the Stan Cassidy Foundation has been investing resources with the aim of bringing some of the incredible assistive devices that are invented at the Stan Cassidy Centre out to a broader market.  We want to do this in ways that help more people, more often and create a new revenue stream to fund our grants back to the Centre’s patients.  We’re partnering with the University of New Brunswick and Horizon Health Network on this important project.  This year we’re taking a critical step along the path by doing some market analysis and by determining the best business model for this work.

At the Pond-Deshpande Centre we are focused on working with innovators who are dedicated to positive impacts that profoundly affect the lives of others for the better.  For these reasons, partnering with the Stan Cassidy Foundation was a perfect fit for us.
Heather Boyd-Kinnie
Program Coordinator and Funding Program Manager
Pond-Deshpande Centre


The Cassidy Clicker came about because one Stan Cassidy patient needed a computer mouse emulator.  As part of the first stage in our Commercialization Project, it is now available for sale here.