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Stan Cassidy Foundation Raised nearly $300,000 in First Ever Annual Campaign

August 3, 2018

Stan Cassidy Foundation Raised nearly $300,000 in First Ever Annual Campaign

With the release of its annual results today, the Stan Cassidy Foundation announced it raised $299,648 plus well over $100,000 in gifts-in-kind in its first-ever annual campaign and provided a total of $318,000 in grant disbursements in 2017-2018.

During the annual campaign, which was launched publicly in November 2017 and ran to March 2018, the Foundation raised:

- Over $41,000 for Community Programs to support Stan Cassidy Centre patients and their families right where they live, to help people get back to work, school and family.

- Over $45,000 for the Research and Education Endowment to help keep Centre staff at the forefront of accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and humane care, while elevating the standard of rehabilitation clinical practice throughout the Maritimes.

- $46,000 for an ultrasound machine to precisely pinpoint and document sites for Botox™ injections, which help brain and spinal cord patients with control of muscle spasticity and rigidity.

- Over $21,330 for the Home Sweet Smart Home – an assessment and demonstration unit that Stan Cassidy Centre Assistive Technology staff use to prescribe consumer-priced solutions that give patients independent control over their home environments.

- Nearly $146,000 for the General Fund that drives each one of the Foundation’s existing Community and Centre of Excellence charitable initiatives, providing the capacity to sustain existing programs, leverage unexpected opportunities and develop new programs as patient and community needs arise.

“We sincerely thank the entire New Brunswick community for its continued generosity,” said Board Chair Mary Butler. “The annual campaign is a new fundraising approach for the Foundation and we were successful reaching our fundraising goals for a number of the target programs and projects, having hit 82% of our total fundraising goal. We continue to encourage the community to help us raise the funds to meet the very real and daily needs of patients and families who access the Centre’s services.”

The Foundation marked several achievements of national and international importance in 2017-2018, as this New Brunswick institution continues to demonstrate its excellence. Highlights from 2017-2018 include:

- September: The Foundation funded the participation of the entire Paediatric Neuromotor Team in the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) conference through a $22,000 education grant.

- October: The Stan Cassidy Centre opened Canada’s first accessible gaming service, funded by a $30,000 grant from the Foundation.

- December: The Foundation received the Citation Award from the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) for its contributions to the health and well-being of Canadians.

- February: The Foundation presented the Stan Cassidy Centre with a $42,000 grant to purchase an ultrasound machine.

- Throughout the year, the Foundation provided direct patient support through 100s of Care + Comfort grants, nearly 200 pieces of gently-used mobility equipment through the Equipment Recycling Program, and 15 customized bikes through the Bikes ’n’ Trikes Program.

- Grant disbursements were down slightly, from $380,000 in the prior year to $318,000 this year as the Foundation works to raise funds from the community to meet patient needs.

- The Stan Cassidy Centre recorded over 29,000 adult patient attendances, over 16,000 paediatric attendances, and over 1,000 assistive technology attendances. (Attendances include instances when a patient is seen in person at the rehabilitation centre, outreach work to patients and families in their home communities, and expert advice to local clinicians throughout the Centre’s catchment area).

Along with its annual results, the Foundation also announced its new board of directors:

- Mary Butler, Chair
- Craig McLaughlin, Vice-Chair
- Bob Gamble, Treasurer
- Jessica Bungay
- Karen Dickinson
- Arthur T. Doyle
- Susanne Cassidy Duggan
- Kenny Kyle
- Joanne McLeod – CM
- John Travis
- Beth Webster
- Jennifer Whitehead

To learn more or to donate to the Stan Cassidy Foundation, visit

About the Stan Cassidy Foundation

The Stan Cassidy Foundation is a registered charity that directly benefits the day-to-day lives of Stan Cassidy patients and their families by raising funds for direct patient support programs, research and education, and building and equipment. Our focus is always on patient care, helping people to recover from illness, overcome obstacles and adapt to changed circumstances.

For more information, contact:
Alissa Lee
Executive Director
506-443-2151 | 506-238-4555 (cell) 

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