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Stan Cassidy Foundation grant promotes drug-free therapies

February 9, 2018

Stan Cassidy Foundation grant promotes drug-free therapies

A Stan Cassidy Foundation grant will enable the Stan Cassidy Centre to improve treatment of neurological patients experiencing muscle spasticity and rigidity and open the door for drug-free therapies to reduce the source cause of these symptoms.

The Foundation presented a $42,000 grant to the Centre late last week for the purchase of an ultrasound machine to more effectively treat muscle spasticity and rigidity, known as hypertonia.

Many people with spinal cord or brain diseases or injuries experience almost constant hypertonia. When untreated, hypertonia makes typical movement impossible, leading to deterioration of muscle tone and control and further deterioration of the nervous system.

Likely best known for smoothing deep wrinkles, botulinum toxin (more commonly known as Botox™) injections were originally developed to control hypertonia symptoms to allow more typical movement and development. When these symptoms are under better control, it allows for the effective use of drug-free physical therapies (such as physio-, occupational and speech therapy) to reduce the source cause of the hypertonia.

The use of ultrasound technology to guide the precision of these injections has become the standard of care in North America. Studies have shown that without the use of an ultrasound machine, a significant percentage of the medicine may not reach the desired muscle. While the expert medical specialists at the Stan Cassidy Centre have achieved much higher than national average results using a physical landmarking technique for these injections, the ultrasound machine will allow them to further improve precision. Improving injection efficacy means more medicine hits the mark, which can mean a greater decrease in symptoms and longer spans of time between injections.  Less prescription medicine and fewer appointments reduce healthcare costs.

“The medical and nursing staff at the Centre are very happy that we will soon have an ultrasound machine to improve patient treatment,” Dr. Monique Taillon, a physiatrist with the Paediatric Team at the Stan Cassidy Centre. “We’re grateful to the Foundation for making this purchase possible – to help us stay at the forefront of clinical practice, achieve the best healthcare outcomes for our patients and make this an appealing workplace for medical specialists and trainees.”

The grant was funded entirely by a major donation to the Stan Cassidy Foundation’s Annual Campaign from The Christofor Foundation.

“Privately-sourced donations make this type of purchase possible. They simply wouldn’t happen without private giving,” says Alissa Lee, Executive Director of the Stan Cassidy Foundation. “Our sincerest thanks to the Christofor Foundation for their generosity.”

About the Stan Cassidy Foundation

The Stan Cassidy Foundation is a registered charity that directly benefits the day-to-day lives of Stan Cassidy patients and their families by raising funds for direct patient support programs, research and education, and building and equipment. Our focus is always on patient care, helping people to recover from illness, overcome obstacles and adapt to change circumstances.

For more information, contact:

Alissa Lee
Executive Director
506-238-4555 (cell)

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