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Stan Cassidy Foundation and NBHRF Partner for Advances in Child Safety

January 3, 2019

Stan Cassidy Foundation and NBHRF Partner for Advances in Child Safety

The Stan Cassidy Foundation and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) today announced co-funding for a study at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation.  The study will examine the use of car seats for children with special needs and seeks to address a gap in current Transportation Canada guidelines. 

“We are happy to once again partner with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation to fund clinical research at the Stan Cassidy Centre,” said Stan Cassidy Foundation Board Chair Mary Butler. “This partnership allows our research grant dollars to go twice as far and have even more positive impact.”

The foundations are contributing a combined total of $6,000 to support research conducted by Stan Cassidy Centre Occupational Therapist Krista Fraser.  The primary purpose of the study is to collect and analyze data on how children with special needs are transported in family vehicles.  By September 2019, 25 to 50 children will be evaluated.  The study’s results will be shared at national and international forums such as the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine. 

Car seats are required for all children under the age of 12 according to Canadian Law.  However, children with special needs do not fit within Transport Canada’s standard guidelines and there is a lack of manufactured equipment that meets Canadian safety standards for this population.  This policy gap combined with inadequate consumer options creates safety risks for children with special needs, their parents and caregivers.

It is anticipated the study could help standardize the federal safety and manufacturing standards, along with establishing best practices for healthcare professionals who serve the pediatric special needs population.

“We are happy to partner with a provincial foundation that believes in the monitoring and implementation of best practices. This aligns with our mission to facilitate and support health research and innovation that will lead to better healthcare for all New Brunswickers,” said NBHRF Interim CEO Leah Carr.


About the Stan Cassidy Foundation

The Stan Cassidy Foundation is a registered charity that directly benefits the day-to-day lives of Stan Cassidy patients and their families by raising funds for direct patient support programs, research and education, and building and equipment. Our focus is always on patient care, helping people to recover from illness, overcome obstacles and adapt to changed circumstances.

About the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation

The NBHRF is an independent organization governed by a board of directors comprised of key stakeholders from the health research community in New Brunswick. Provincial funding is provided by the provincial Regional Development Corporation – Total Development Fund, the Department of Health -Medical Research Fund (MRF) and the Department of Social Development - Wellness Research Fund (WRF) for NBHRF health research programs (HRP), health strategic initiatives (HRI) with federal Tri-Councils, national health charities and private sector, and the Strategic Investment in Health Research Innovations (SIHRI). The foundation’s mission is to provide leadership and support building health research capacity, improve the health of New Brunswickers and advance the knowledge economy.

For more information, contact:

Stan Cassidy Foundation
Alissa Lee
Executive Director
506-238-4555 (cell)

Patricia Seaman
Communications Officer
506-476-5327 (cell)

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