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Message from the Executive Director

June 17, 2019

Message from the Executive Director

Sometimes opportunity knocks when you least expect it.  That would be the case here.  I was comfortably enjoying a career with lots of great people at a great organization when a job ad showed up in my social media.  It looked interesting and I thought – why not?  That day started an incredible journey which brought me to the role of Executive Director at the Stan Cassidy Foundation. 

I am super excited to have this opportunity to work with such amazing talent (these people are Passionate 2.0 about their work), meet the generous donors who support this great cause, watch patients smile as they achieve new levels of success and find new and interesting ways to grow the Foundation.

I’ve learned a lot in these past two months, and I have a lot more learning left to do. Having read and heard about the legacy of Stan Cassidy and his commitment to “providing a hand up not a hand out” I am even more committed to ensuring his legacy lives on.  Let’s all work together in our communities to make sure that happens.

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