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Plan a donation

You can make plans with the Stan Cassidy Foundation today for a gift that you will give in the future. Such planned gifts are accomplished through a bequest in your will, a donation of a life insurance policy, a charitable gift annuity or charitable gift remainder trust.

A planned gift can often provide you with significant tax savings now or in the future. A bequest is a valuable tax asset. A gift of life insurance may be separate from your estate and not subject to estate or trust costs. Premium payments or cash surrender values of such policies also earn tax credits, meaning that your future gift saves tax dollars today. Annuities and trusts also offer significant tax credits and estate planning advantages. More information is available from the Stan Cassidy Foundation and final arrangements are best discussed with your legal or financial advisor.

If you have already decided to make a planned gift to the Stan Cassidy Foundation, please contact the foundation so that we may be aware of your intentions. Like all donor information, this information is held in confidence, but greatly assists the foundation with our own planning.

Please contact the foundation’s executive director by email or phone at 506-443-2151 if you would like more information about planned giving.

Wilf and Donna Torunski outside their home in Charlotte County; Wilf has chosen to make a bequest to the Stan Cassidy Foundation