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Of Life and Legacy

Of Life and Legacy

Clodie is learning and developing through play; Clodie and many others benefit from Stan Cassidy’s incredible legacy

As everyone at the Stan Cassidy Foundation reflects upon the 10-year anniversary of the new rehabilitation centre building, we invite you to join us as we celebrate Stan Cassidy, honour his memory and appreciate his incredible legacy – a legacy that continues to benefit people living with disabilities in our region. 

Stan dedicated his own life to building this legacy – a legacy that gives other people their lives back.

As fiercely dedicated as Stan was to his thriving electrical contracting business, he was just as fierce an advocate for people with special needs.  He wanted to improve their quality of life; he knew people with differing abilities could be contributing members of society. Stan also wanted to change the attitudes and perceptions of others.

Stan Cassidy worked tirelessly to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through his relationships and strong belief in partnerships. His motto really reflects the type of man he was: people needed a hand up, not a handout.

For 36 years Stan was the champion of the Forest Hill Rehabilitation Centre. His efforts were integral in acquiring the most caring staff, the newest specialized equipment and advancing research to make the lives of people with special needs the best they could be.

When he died in 1993, he was preparing to launch a fundraising campaign to expand the Forest Hill Rehabilitation Centre. His many strong supporters joined together and in 2006, the current facility opened, name in Stan’s honour.

As we mark the 10th anniversary of that facility, we thank you for your past contributions. We are so grateful to you for your past support of Stan’s far-reaching vision.

You have made it possible for a child to play a favourite sport again. You have helped a complex stroke survivor regain as much function as possible and return home to their family.  You have helped someone with a brain injury or neurological disease increase their muscle control, coordination and speaking ability.  You have made it possible for someone to drive a car again. You have helped the parents of a child with autism find answers and treatment.

Your support has changed countless people’s lives for the better and we invite you to continue your valuable support so that our friends, neighbours and loved ones can live their lives to the fullest.

Alissa Lee,

Executive Director

Stan Cassidy Foundation


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