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Extreme Gratitude: My Experience as an In-Patient at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation

Extreme Gratitude: My Experience as an In-Patient at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation

Editor’s Note: This is a special guest post by Faye Martin. Faye shares her story of how the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation has helped her body, mind and soul. This is her story.

My story starts six years ago, and covers three cities and two provinces.

My experience began with a fall that was quite severe. Subsequently, I began experiencing dizziness and issues with my reflexes and balance.

My doctors in Charlottetown worked hard to determine what was wrong. It was clearly a neurological issue. At approximately a year into my symptoms I was referred to Moncton. I was fortunate enough to see specialists who determined that I had a spinal cord injury and possibly other conditions. I was referred to Charlottetown for physiotherapy. My therapy however, was short-lived. It was revealed that due to osteoarthritis, my hip needed to be replaced. This part of my story took about six months in total during which time I deconditioned. I was getting worse. It was at this time that family in New Brunswick suggested that I consider the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation.

My research took me to the Stan Cassidy Centre’s website. When I read about the Centre’s holistic approach and learned about the team that they had in place, I asked for a referral. For peace of mind, I needed a confirmed diagnosis, to know if it could be treated, or if I would deteriorate. I needed to plan for whatever would be coming my way.

I arrived at the Centre in September 2016 for my assessment. It was determined that the best course of action for me was to be an in-patient and I returned in mid-November. From the beginning, it was clear that the team would be looking at my symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis as well as treatment plans and therapies, as well as my emotional and spiritual well-being. It was the first time that all these dimensions were looked at together. The model and structure of the Stan Cassidy Centre both enables and supports this approach. It’s truly amazing.

Quite frankly my experience at the Centre is nothing short of remarkable. Despite researching the team and the care, I had no idea just how comprehensive and effective the model and their approach is, until I was actually an in-patient. The therapeutic team, including the nursing team and spiritual advisor, has wrapped themselves around me. They have worked so well together to treat every dimension of me. This experience has left me with a tremendous sense of gratitude. They have given so much more than I ever expected. 

My mobility is still an issue and we are all working incredibly hard to improve it. Right now, I need to use a walker – both indoors and out. My goal is to transition to a cane for indoors. In less than four months, so much has improved and I will soon be able to go home. In fact, I will be discharged at the beginning of March.

I can honestly say that without the Centre, I would not have advanced in the way I have. The treatment model is incredible and clearly works for me. There is real intensity at the Centre. The therapeutic team works so hard for the patients because we are complex cases who need answers and treatment. Without question, I can say that every patient I encounter feels the same way as I do. We all feel that we are in the right place and getting the right treatment. 

If someone asked me the one word I would use to describe my experience it would have to be – gratitude!

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Faye Martin
Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation


Nancy Gallie   |   February 16 2017

Thank you for the wonderful work you do and thank you for helping Faye regain so much.  She is a wonderful person and her family and friends are delighted that she will have greater mobility.  Great job on both sides, Faye and Stan Cassidy!

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