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Centre is Life-changing for ALS Patient

Centre is Life-changing for ALS Patient

Peter LeBlanc – shown here with his adaptive equipment and therapy dog – worked in the IT industry before being diagnosed with ALS.  He has provided the Stan Cassidy Centre’s Assistive Technology team with invaluable and well-informed feedback to aid in the development of his adaptive equipment.

Editor’s Note:  Peter LeBlanc is a Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation out-patient, living with ALS.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with ALS and I was devastated.  I was given a time frame left to live.  This news put me in a state of depression.

Shortly after I was given this news, I was also told about the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation.  Honestly, I had no intention of visiting the centre because I didn't think it was worth the trip.  After some coaxing I did go and it was a life-changing event that made me look at this disease in a whole different way.  They provided the resources for living with the disease. To this day, no matter what changes I have to my condition, I can always count on the team at the Stan Cassidy Centre for assistance.

For the past two years I have been in a hospital where ALS was relatively new to them – I could always rely on the staff at the Stan Cassidy to provide the day-to-day information required.  They are also an invaluable source of equipment ideas and equipment manufacturers.  I have been fortunate to get my needs met to remain as self-sufficient as possible.  The team there never says that something is impossible or back away from a challenging request.

This photo shows the pressure switch I activate by leaning 
my head to control a computer mouse.

I will be leaving the hospital soon and it's reassuring to know that my team at the Stan Cassidy Centre is only a phone call or an email away and always will be. 

Peter LeBlanc
IT Guy & Stan Cassidy Centre Out-patient


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