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Calling all Gamers:  How a Former Patient’s Family Member is Giving Back

Calling all Gamers:  How a Former Patient’s Family Member is Giving Back

Tyler Peacock is a gamer and podcast host of the popular Gamers of the Round Table.  Tyler is also the son of Marvin Peacock, a Stan Cassidy Centre outpatient.  In this month’s blogpost, Tyler explains why he’s giving back.

Nearly nine years ago I became intimately aware of the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. I was sixteen when my father, Marvin, had his stroke. The experience is one I won’t forget. First my father was rushed to the hospital in Saint John where he stayed for nearly two weeks. After that initial stay, he was transferred to the Stan Cassidy Centre where he stayed for another six months.

While the experience was life changing for all involved, I got to see first hand how the staff at the Centre work and care for patients. I would often go visit my father after school. I sometimes would get to speak to his physiotherapists. They were fantastic. They explained to me what they were doing and how it would help my father. It was wonderful to see my father in an environment that was very warm and friendly. It was easy to see that everyone there cared.

At first we were told it would take years for my father to regain much of what he lost. However, my father didn’t see it that way and neither did his Stan Cassidy therapists. His tenaciousness enabled him to keep moving and progressing.

Flash forward to 2016 and my father has made amazing progress. His time at the Stan Cassidy certainly impacted him. He follows the happenings there and other patient success stories with great interest.

A few months back he let me know about the Stan Cassidy Foundation’s new “Game Changers” project – a project to raise the funds and establish Canada’s first accessible video gaming service. He showed me a news article about how video gaming helps a number of patients, but with proper funding could help many more. I also saw photos of the assistive gaming controllers that were being created to help patients, who like him, have limited mobility. 

Everyone has a hobby, even a passion.  For my Dad, that’s music.  For me, it’s gaming.  The Stan Cassidy Centre helped my Dad get his passion back by inventing a device that enables him to keep playing guitar.  I can relate to someone who would still want to play video games, and I’d like to help make that happen.

I am excited to say that an on-line gaming marathon in support of Game Changers will take place on November 19th from 12 noon to 12 midnight. This 12-hour marathon is a great opportunity for fun – and fun for a great cause. Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the Game Changers project.

(To learn more information on the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation click here and the Stan Cassidy Foundation, click here.) 

Tyler Peacock
Patient Family Member
Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation


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